Becoming a Trustee

Becoming a Trustee of the Town & Manor of Hungerford

The Town & Manor of Hungerford is a local charity whose purpose is to manage its assets, now and in the future, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Hungerford. To achieve this, the charity works with four statements in mind:

  1. Manage the land and buildings in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.
    2. Provide financial support to groups, causes and projects, within the area of benefit.
    3. Uphold the unique traditions of Hungerford.
    4. Preserve and protect the ancient rights of the Commoners.

How to become a Trustee

Trustees are elected to govern the Charity every 3 years. To stand for a Trustee, all that is required is that you are proposed and seconded by two people who are eligible to vote in the election.

Those eligible to vote are the inhabitants, over the age of 18, within the area of benefit and whose names are on the electoral roll. The area of benefit is defined as the Town tithing and tithing of Sanden Fee (this is essentially Hungerford town centre, aside from the area to the north of the River Dun, see the map below).

What is expected of a Trustee

Trustees have overall control of the Charity and are responsible for making sure it is doing what it is intended to do. As a Trustee, there are 6 main duties that you would be responsible for:

  1. Ensure the Charity is carrying out its purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of Hungerford.
    2. Comply with the Charity’s governing document and the law.
    3. Act in the Charity’s best interests.
    4. Manage the Charity’s resources responsibly.
    5. Act with reasonable care and skill.
    6. Ensure the Charity is accountable, Acting as a Trustee of a charity also comes with collective and personal responsibility.

Trustees can be held personally liable if they cause financial loss by acting improperly, or if there is a third-party legal claim against the Charity, which the Charity can’t meet. Understanding these liabilities and risks is part of understanding what action the Charity should take to manage such risks.

What commitment is required

In order to fulfil the duties mentioned above, there is a considerable amount of time that Trustees are expected to commit to giving. The Charity holds monthly meetings of the Trustees – usually on the third Tuesday evening in the Town Hall.

In addition to attending this monthly meeting, Trustees are expected to join one or more of the sub-committees, depending on their skills, interests and experience.

Currently the following sub-committees are convened:
• Finance
• Buildings & Marketing
• Land Management & Commons
• Fishery

Trustees are also expected to play their part in helping and participating in the Hocktide events and the Hocktide Court and Court Leet.

Find out more

If this is of interest and you’d like to become a Trustee, you can find out more from any of our existing Trustees or our CEO, Jed Ramsay, at

A Tithing map showing the town and manor of Hungerford

The Tithing Boundaries of the Town and Manor of Hungerford and the Liberty of Sanden Fee